Protects your finance department.

ibana analyzes, checks and verifies every business transaction, preventing fraud and thereby protecting your bottom line.

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Trusted by Fortune 500 and SMBs


Financial fraud costs companies billions every year.


Of cyber fraud results from human error.


Stolen through phishing scams each year.


Of companies experience a fraud attack each year.

in 4

Attacks result in financial damage.

ibana protects you.

Our features are designed to make your life easier and protect you from error and fraud.

Analyze transactions

ibana runs seamlessly in the background, automatically analyzing and checking your planned transactions. Our algorithms detect various anomalies, suspicious patterns and gets better the more you use it.

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Verify Recipients

Our recipient verification checks if the given bank information is correct and matches the company or person you aim to pay. This way you can avoid falling for fake invoices.

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Check with your boss

Our executive verification feature allows you to double check suspicious transactions with superiors via a secure channel. This way you can protect yourself against fake president scams.

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Seamless import & export

Import and export transactions in .csv or ISO20022 .xml files. The same format your bank and accountant uses.

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Define custom company rules

Create rules for your transaction process. Define which transactions should get a second look or be verified. ibana will automatically check all new transactions and notify you if a rule is triggered.

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Secure and Compliant

GDPR Compliant

ibana is fully GDPR compliant. We do not share any financial data with anyone.

Servers in EU (Germany)

All ibana servers are located in Germany and protected by the latest security standards.

ISO 27001

We are actively pursuing the ISO 27001 certification and aiming to be compliant soon.

MFA Authentication

Sign in with an additional one-time-code, keeping your account secure.

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