Why we are building ibana.


After years of building, scaling and running businesses, Maximilian and Georg encountered a problem which seems to be increasing over the past few years. Their finance teams recieve emails and requests to transfer money to various accounts. Those requests seem legit, recently even with invitations to video calls to discuss those transactions. But they are not legit. They are attempts to steal money from the company. So we started asking ourselves: How can we protect companies from financial fraud?


This is where I come in, Markus. I have started my tech carreer in Maximilian's company and togehter we mapped out a plan to create an automated system that effectively prevents error and fraud when transferring money. At first just for ourselves, then for single customers, highly specialized. And now we are opening up the technology for every business with ibana:

A simple to use, highly effective tool to help companies protect their money.

Where we are going:

Preventing fraud is just the beginning. There are many more unresolved challenges for businesses and their finance teams. And so, we are building a platform that protects, simplifies and helps manage money. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs, finance teams and executives by providing deeper insights into their financial operations, streamlining their processes and being able to rest assured that their money is protected.


Markus, Co-Founder


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